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*NOTICE: After a lifetime of automotive mechanical and body experience and 42 years in business, I have closed the business ... however I'm still available by appointment for ideas and free advice ...

    FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFERS ... for the mechanical, electrical, safety rehab after years of storage ... evaluate the finish, should you buff, repaint or totally strip it (sandblast, media blast or chemically strip) ... how to methodically inventory the parts ... what are the options for practical planning of the completion of your project?

      OR, HAVE YOU LOST INTEREST IN YOUR 30's 40's 50's 60's PROJECT ? ... ARE YOU CONSIDERING SELLING your clean-titled, complete original, running or not, or even if partially or totally disassembled, or if damaged ... whether a candidate to become a "roadworthy fun car" or for a "complete restoration", I may be interested in it ... 

Email info to poetofshaddows@aol.com or call 717-469-2480 for an appointment ...

1952 Ford Stake Bed 1963 Studebaker Avanti 1969 Mustang Fastback 1964 Vette 1942 Ford Script 37mm Canon/12ga Conversion
***Pictured above: A few of the 132 restorations, 1307 repaints and 2841 collisions done thru the years.***

      PRESENTLY FOR SALE: 1957 Ford Country Sedan, 292, 4BBL, Auto, Dresden Blue and Colonial White


          This southwest car was completely disassembled, rotisserie media blasted, refinished, reassembled piece by piece ... Completely rebuilt chassis, steering, engine, transmission, converter, differential, heat, cooling, fuel and brake systems with no expense spared ... Also new glass and interior, re-chromed bumpers and guards ...

      Added: Power disc brakes, front and rear (original setup goes with car) ...

        $42,000 ... To personally inspect call 717-469-2480 or email poetofshaddows@aol.com for appointment ...

                Located off I-81, Exit 80, Route 743 south ... 1780 Laudermilch Road, Palmyra, PA 17078  



                       Within The Rooms Of A Heart, a Journey of Love in Poetry and Prose

                                                             Copyright 2004. ISBN: 1-4137-3920-2. Publish America, LLLP


                                                        Gentle Her Memory                                                

Creeping soft as a morning mist

cloaked is each meadow and stream

softly surrounding each flowering hill

peaceful as Heaven it seems


Sweet as a blue bird's passing song

proclaiming a peaceful dawn

glistening as dew on a velvet rose

majestic is memory reborn


Unending current within my soul

precious remembrance of she

love of an angel consuming the heart

gentle her memory on me.


                 Masterpiece of Love

The silence of the night beckons my heart to look once more

and the stars above are countless as dreams go by

familiar yes, their names I know,

we share from time to time


Here I've placed all longings and desires 

and have hidden all hopes for pleasures and joys

but always they are scattered, seemingly never to be joined

and a lifetime of loneliness persists 'til it's time


Then suddenly, surprisingly, an angel appears

with gentle care these sparkling gems she gathers

and as with colors on a palette, tenderly she creates

and the image becomes a masterpiece of love.


                Angel Wings

The gentle breeze of Angel wings

sailing with the stars

soft your touch upon my soul

the sacred song you sing.


Tender rhythm of Angel wings

cherished as your breath

with every beat my heart in tune

the sacred song you sing.


Love so sweet your Angel wings

velvet is your touch

nectar given to my soul

the sacred song you sing.


Eternal love of Angel wings

kept solemn faithfully

grateful for each loving breath

the sacred song you sing.


Fly on with love sweet Angel wings

pray Heaven cares for you

my soul forever sings along

the sacred song you sing.


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